Data Wizard

Add data to a database that has been created by the Database Wizard.

data wizard view screen

Language Trainer Database

This kind of database knows two dataset types, Word and Phrase. You have to select one.

For words the wizard will create cards for both directions, known language to new language and new language to known language. If it finds multiple words separated by a semicolon (;) in one of the language data fields, it will create cards for all these words. On the other hand, it will merge multiple translations of the same word into one card.


Select card type, add data

navigation bar
cancel button Cancel and return to the category list.
done button Save and return to the category list.
select type
Select a data type (if required).
data table line
Add the card content. Fields that are not mandatory may be left empty.
After selecting a data type (if required) and completing all mandatory data fields, the wizard will create cards and add them to the database.