karatasi - iPhone

VerDateOS db versionsync protocol versionFeatures
1.9.401 Aug 2017iOS 10.0db3CGI, Java
  • 64-bit version
  • look and feel modernised
  • uses full screen for iPad
  • fixes an issue related to umlauts in the APFS file system
1.8.316 Jan 2014iOS 4.3db3CGI, Java
  • Support of landscape mode
  • Support of html formatting (e.g. tables) in card view
  • Several minor enhancements and bugfixes
  • Tested with iOS7
1.7.629 Jul 2011iPhone 3.0db3CGI, Java
  • Summary for ratings in test procedure
  • Repeat drill
  • Search uncommitted cards
  • Several minor enhancements and bugfixes
1.6.701 Aug 2010iPhone 3.0db3CGI, Java
  • Czech localization (translated by Luboš Račanský)
  • New icon (designed by Lorenz Pollak) and embellished startup screen
  • Bugfixes and enhancements
  • Tested with iOS4
1.5.504 Feb 2010iPhone 3.0db3CGI, Java
  • Configurable functions for the card lists: commit card, add to drill, alphabetical index
  • Configurable flip duration for test and drill
  • Configurable initial difficulty of cards
  • Prepared for the new concept of database versioning
  • Bugfixes (crash with non-UTF-8 encoded card fields, crash on editing the field labels, show database list after application reset, several minor bugs)
1.4.621 Oct 2009iPhone 3.0db3CGI, Java
  • Database upload and download to karatasi-Java
  • GUI improvements
1.3.621 Aug 2009iPhone 3.0db3CGI
  • Switch to deactivate a single database. A deactivated database may still be used as a dictionary, but is excluded from the learning process (test and drill)
  • Faster application startup, even with a huge number of cards in the daily test
  • Badge in the application icon to show the number of cards in the daily test and drill. You must start the application once a day before the badge shows the correct number.
  • Visual feedback for adding a card to the drill list from the list of matches after a full text search (highlight icon on the right side)
  • Bugfix: empty card during daily test in case of low memory
  • Port to OS version 3.0
1.2.331 May 2009iPhone 2.2db3CGI
  • Wizards for database creation and data entry
  • Text search within a database
  • Many minor improvements
  • Many bugfixes
1.1.821 Apr 2009iPhone 2.2db3CGI
  • Sorting and searching of cards in the card list
  • Manual ordering of databases, categories and datafields of cards
  • Complete manual included (Turn the device!)
  • Much faster
  • Perl script for csv import
  • Many minor improvements
  • Many bugfixes
1.0.719 Feb 2009iPhone 2.2db2CGI
  • German localization
  • Bugfixes (issue with ' in text fields, memory consumption)
1.0.65 Feb 2009iPhone 2.2.1db2CGI
  • Initial release

karatasi - Java

VerDateSys. Req. db versionsync protocol versionFeatures
0.4.014 Jun 2011Java 1.5db3Java
  • Automated check for new versions (#2874381)
0.3.010 Apr 2011Java 1.5db3Java
  • editing of cards
  • user-defined order for databases and categories
  • swap card fields
  • support backup drill list (#3230139)
bug fixes:
  • exception after modifying settings with open database (#3006409)
known issues:
  • sorting of cards might differ from iPhone
  • the icons on the sorting buttons are missing
0.2.423 Jan 2011Java 1.5db3Java
  • Bugfixes Palm database import (unsorted / shuffled categories)
0.2.319 Jun 2010Java 1.5db3Java
  • Bugfixes Palm database import (uncommitted cards, current difficulty)
0.2.225 May 2010Java 1.5db3Java
  • Enhancements (table of cards accelerated, help menu, multiple files in import)
  • Bugfixes
0.2.112 Apr 2010Java 1.5db3Java
  • Enhanced support of character encodings for import of Palm databases and csv-encoded files
  • Bugfixes
0.2.003 Apr 2010Java 1.5db3Java
  • Import of Palm SuperMemo databases
  • Import and export of csv-formatted files
0.1.0 beta520 Dec 2009Java 1.5db3Java
  • Bugfixes
0.1.0 beta412 Dec 2009Java 1.5db3Java
  • Initial release
  • Database transmission between iPhone and PC

karatasi - Tools

VerDateSys. Req.db versionFeatures
1.5.609 Jan 2011Perldb3 Bugfix for Palm database import:
  • Unsorted (shuffled) categories
1.5.519 Jun 2010Perldb3 Bugfix for Palm database import:
  • Uncommitted cards not always recognized correctly
1.5.428 Mar 2010Perldb3 Bugfix for Palm database import and import from csv-formatted file:
  • Issue with directory separator in system call on Windows systems
1.5.322 Feb 2010Perldb3 Bugfixes for import from csv-formatted file:
  • Forgets to set the database name
  • Cannot convert cards with question and answer only
1.5.228 Jan 2010Perldb3 Palm database import:
  • New parameter -e to set the desired character encoding (europe, japan)
  • Bugfix: wrong character encoding
Import from csv-formatted file:
  • Bugfix: newly created databases now have a creation time stamp
1.5.119 Dez 2009Perldb3 Documentation improved
1.5.015 Dec 2009Perldb3 Up to version 1.4.6 karatasi - tools was included in the karatasi - iPhone bundle. Since 1.5.0 it has its own version numbering.
  • Import of Palm Supermemo database
  • Import of csv-formatted file
  • Support of file extension *.kdb as required for the karatasi - Java application

cgi scripts for web server

VerDateSys. Req. sync protocol versionFeatures
1.4.621 Oct 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
    1.3.621 Aug 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
      1.2.331 May 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
        1.1.821 Apr 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
          1.0.719 Feb 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
            1.0.605 Feb 2009Apache 2 web serverCGI
            • Initial release
            • Database synchronisation with karatasi-iPhone