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Database Properties

Database name and parameters, sort profiles.


Rename database; activate or deactivate database; copy database; modify difficulty or sort profile.

Name This is the name of the database as it is displayed in karatasi. To rename the database, just modify the name. The filename for the database will be derived from this name and will always be unique on the device.
This switch excludes the database from the learning process. A deactivated database may still be used as a dictionary, and you can add data to it.
Difficulty This is the initial difficulty of a card in this database when it is committed to the learning process. The difficulty for each card is calculated individually in a feed-back loop based on the learning progress. It determines how fast the repetition interval grows for this card. The default value is 40. In case of extreme difficult learning content you can increase this parameter to enforce more repetitions.
Copy the database including all of it's data. The copy will get a new unique filename.
Return to organize databases.

Sort Profiles 1-3

A sort profile specifies the rule how to determine a unique sort string from a card field. Only the first 16 characters of the field take part in this calculation.

If a sort profile is modified, the sort profiles of the affected cards will be refreshed, too.

Name Name of the profile, maximum 2 characters.
Locale Language identifier (2 characters). The language determines the sorting order of the letters in the alphabet, and the values for the alphabetical index in the card list. The language identifier should be one of locale ids supported by the iPhone OS.
Front These characters are ignored for the sort string calculation when they appear at the beginning of a card field. For example, if you enter '-', then '-pika' and 'pika' will have the same sort position. The space character is automatically included.
Ignore These characters are removed from the card field before the sort string calculation.
Space These characters are regarded as equal to a space character for the sort string calculation. Multiple spaces in sequence will then be combined to a single space.