The sorting determines the order in which the cards are shown in the card list. The sorting order is configurable in two steps:

Sort profile definition
For each database you define three sort profiles. These determine the sorting order of the cards.
Sort profile and field selection
For each category you select a sort profile, and configure which two card fields are displayed in the card list.

Every time when the sorting order is modified, this requires a recalculation of the sort strings of all affected cards! This recalculation is done automatically when opening the card list. The calculation may take some time.

Sort Profile Definition

The profiles are defined in the properties of a database. A sort profile specifies the rule how to determine a unique sort string from a card field. Only the first 16 characters of the field take part in this calculation.

Name Name of the profile, maximum 2 characters.
Locale The language abbreviation. The language determines the order of the letters in the alphabet, and the values for the alphabetical index in the card list.
Front These characters are ignored for the sort string calculation when they appear at the front of a card field. The space character is automatically included.
Ignore These characters are removed from the card field before the sort string calculation.
Space These characters are regarded as equal to a space character for the sort string calculation. Multiple spaces in sequence will then be combined to a single space.

Sort Profile and Field Selection

For each category you can select the sort profile for the card list in the category properties. Here you can also select which fields will be shown in the card list.

left sorting column
Left column Indicates the card field which will be displayed in the left column of the card list. This field determines the sort order of the cards, and will be used for the search in the list. Only one field per category has this property.
Sort profile Select the sort profile for this category by pressing the button next to the "left column" indicator.
right sorting column
Right column Indicates the card field which will be displayed in the right column of the card list. Only one field per category has this property.