Search Results

The results of a text search or a search for uncommitted cards within the database.

db table view screen


Text search; search for uncommitted cards; commit or uncommit card; add card to drill; card details view

navigation bar
Return to the category list.
search bar
Text search: Search strings in all data fields of the database.
Search all non-committed cards of the database.
table row
Tap a row to show the details view of a card.

The function icons on both sides of the list are configurable in the preference settings.

Committed: This card is committed and takes part in the learning process. Tap the symbol to uncommit the card. Note that uncommitting a card will erase it's learning history.
Uncommitted: This card is not yet committed to the learning process. Tap the symbol to commit the card to the learning process.
Add to Drill: Add a card to the drill list.