Card List of Category

The cards in a category are displayed in two columns. The list is sorted by the left column. The columns shown and the sort profile are defined in the category properties.

card table view screen


Create card; search card in alphabetical order; commit or uncommit card; add card to drill; card detail view

navigation bar
back Return to the category list.
create card Create a new card.
search bar
Search a card in alphabetical order. The search starts in the left column from the beginning.
card table row
Tap a row to show the details view of a card or to modify the card.
The card fields to show up on the left and the right can be configured in the category properties.
The function icons on both sides of the list are configurable in the preference settings.
Committed: This card is committed and takes part in the learning process. Tap the symbol to uncommit the card. Note that uncommitting a card will erase it's learning history.
Uncommitted: This card is not yet committed to the learning process. Tap the symbol to commit the card to the learning process.
To Drill: Tap this symbol to add a committed card to the drill list.